Less than a month before the launch of Pix, only 13% of Brazilians know the system

Banks and financial institutions face the challenge of informing the population with less than a month to go before the launch of the Pix.

Less than a month before the launch of Pix, only 13% of Brazilians know the systemNOTÍCIAS
Less than a month before the launch of Pix in Brazil, the Central Bank’s new instant transaction system faces a major challenge: informing the population.

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According to a study by O Globo last week, only 13% of Brazilians heard in the survey said they understood the new Central Bank system.

Besides them, 37% of those interviewed in the survey said they „have an idea“ about Pix, which a fortnight ago opened registration of customers through financial institutions.

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Faced with this worrying scenario – and with little time until the launch of the Pix on November 16th – campaigns to publicize the service are accelerating, not only through the institutions, but also in the hands of the Central Bank itself.

Despite the lack of knowledge of the general population, the number of registered keys has already exceeded 40 million. Individual and corporate clients can link their accounts to the CPF/CNPJ, telephone, e-mail or a unique key to transmit and receive payments quickly.

According to the study, Pix will require better services and products from banks, as well as a less frictional customer experience, as more than half said that today it pays transfer fees and for packages of services.

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Last week, Cointelegraph Brasil showed how fintechs and crypto companies are already moving to participate in Pix and to measure their impacts on current services, even though many companies are not considered financial institutions by the Central Bank.

Earlier this month, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro told a supporter that he „did not yet know what PIX was“ and that he was going to check with Central Bank President Roberto Campos Neto.