Bitcoin is a new financial paradigm, says Samson Mow

Samson Mow again insists that Bitcoin’s purpose goes far beyond retail transactions, it’s a paradigm shift.

Since its creation, the world has wondered what the real purpose of Bitcoin (BTC) is, retail transactions or financial transactions. Samson Mow, Blockstream’s Director of Strategy, shared his opinion about Bitcoin.

What are the Bitcoin Evolution software whales doing while BTC is breaking its record?

Bitcoin moves a lot of money in seconds

Samson Mow noted yesterday on Twitter that Bitcoin’s goal has never really been „transactions per second and coffee,“ Bitcoin is about „transactional value and the new financial paradigm.

In other words, Mow states that „VPTS (transaction value per second), and not TPS (transaction per second),“ is what really counts. In this sense, Mow assures that Bitcoin moves around half a million dollars in value per second in the world.

In the video published by Mow, we can see the transaction value per second of BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and XRP.

„It’s more than a store of value and a means of transferring wealth. It’s not something I would use every day in payments. I’ve said this before, and people have twisted and said I hate Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is bad for payments,“ Mow explained to SFOX in August.

Russia’s Sberbank and its own cryptomoney

Sberbank of Russia plans to launch its own crypto

Russia’s Sberbank, one of the country’s largest banks, indicated that it is looking to issue its own crypto for next year. How? Well, through a partnership with JPMorgan.

Let’s bear in mind that Sberbank is a Russian state-owned company. This feature is especially important since, also this week, senior officials of the Bank of Russia demonstrated against the issuance of a stablecoin crypt linked to the Russian rouble.

Grayscale may soon control 5% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply

Grayscale divides the crypto shares of Grayscale Ethereum Trust

Grayscale Investments announced that they will divide the shares of Grayscale Ethereum Trust on December 14 by 9 to 1. That is, anyone who already owns a share in Grayscale will receive an additional 8 shares.

Basically, this split will cause the price per share to collapse and be much lower. However, the overall value of the crypto fund remains.

However, it represents a good access opportunity for crypto investors.

Christmas Bull Run? The number of active Bitcoin addresses suggests it

Larry Fink: Bitcoin is on our crypto radar

Larry Fink is Blackrock’s CEO and said that the leading crypto is on the company’s radar after its rapid appreciation.

So much so that Fink considered it possible for Bitcoin to evolve into a global market, which would obviously appreciate the price of crypto much more.

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